Dutch Motel 📻

His eyes. Oh, God, his realm of roses. A spectrum so broad- no force could obtain. 70s misfit. Shaggy rugs. A cheap bottle of Merlot. Kaleidoscope kisses. Craved like a hieroglyphic. He was her warrior. Plummeting grains of virtue into a dust oriented cushion…seven dollars and thirty one cents. I saw the light bulb touch the birch-wood floral. I could feel a thick metallic wind roar. Breaking the depths. A rugged man with a festive beard. His cheeks of stained silicone lipstick. He had shipped off his soul. He was a white man with a grip of steel. “Who put cookies in the watering bucket?” A naive response. “A wicked man with a lustful cavity.” 

-An excerpt from my poem Dutch Motel 

FavPlantslightsKimono70s babeglasses in the sandvery warmFlowersposeJuxtaGenuine

Photographer: Jennifer Resendiz.

Fenty Fridays🍾

Hello? Operator? Yeah, I would like to know how Rihanna does it ! For me, the star of the show is definitely the 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket. This color palette has me on cloud 9. Standing ovation Riri.

November 13, 2014:

Source: http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/07/rihanna-wine-glasses-to-go-restaurants/slideshow/2012/07/24/rihanna/14-rihanna-11-14-14-2/

The Style Files: A bit of a ‘Dexter’ !👾

Dexter (80’s lingo): Intelligent, but not overly nerdy.

Welcome to ‘The Style Files’ ! A series where I propose outfit ideas. I present to you a convenient, vibrant, and easy to replicate 80’s look. Today we will be working with basic closet staples: a hat, t-shirt, jean, and shoe. I used orange, green, pink, and blue for my color palette. My look featured a fedora, gold bug eye readers, a sporty logo tee, a light mineral wash mom jean, and a statement colored sneaker.

Q: So, how do you get the look?

A: Think of 4 colors to create your desired color palette. Next, add a metallic accessory to accent it. (I chose to add a gold reader for my metallic piece.) Lastly, find a hat, a t-shirt, jeans, and a statement shoe. You can be as flexible as you want with this look. You can interchange and alter this look in order to suit your preference. The options are endless.

Might I suggest?…

  • Dad cap + sunnies + vintage band tee + boyfriend jeans + converse
  • Fedora + over-sized cardigan + t-shirt + mom jeans + sneakers
  • No hat + graphic tee + skinny jeans + faux fur sliders

Vine Vixen.🎷

Velvet vines features an androgynous, rustic look. I imagine an autumn evening. A bonfire near Lake Tahoe. She’s laughing on a log, fidgeting with her pendant. Her name is called. And she looks over her shoulder. The light from the flames highlight her face. A Billie Holiday record plays in the distance. 

Photographer: Nichimyo Rich.

The Backpack Quirk.🎒


“Backpack, backpack!” For some reason my go to arm candy have been backpacks! Personally, they are more functional. There’s nothing quiet like that free-of-hands feeling. Quirky backpacks have won over my heart for sure. Much like myself, I love to  have fun. I found that a great way to communicate that is through what I wear. Below, I’ve listed five quirky backpack options, including the store and price, that will add character to anyone’s style!

Steven Universe Burger Backpack
1. Steven Universe Burger Backpack-$54.95/ http://www.walmart.com
2. Vintage Barbie Faux Fur Backpack- $148.00/ http://www.nastygal.com
3. Orange Fjallraven Kanken Backpack- $75.00/ http://www.urbanoutfitters.com
4. Super Lemon Multicolor Candy Backpack- $22.99/ http://www.sheinside.com
5. Herschel Supply Co. Lawson Coca Cola Canvas Backpack- $44.97/ http://www.nordstromrack.com