#2. The Babes Club: Insecurities,embracing flaws, and redefining perfection. 🙅🏽💛🌹

(Photo sourced from Pintrest)

If there was one thing I would of wanted someone to tell me when I was younger, it would be that “There is no such thing as perfection”. Then maybe I wouldn’t have spent so much time beating myself up for not being ‘good enough’.

My Story…
In middle school, much like others, I was vulnerable, self-conscious, and naive. Unlike today, society didn’t discuss body image and the detrimental effect that insecurities can have on you . Not many people encouraged others to embrace their flaws. Social media was just on the rise, and the self love tags (i.e. #bodyposi) were probably just starting up. I would always look at my other friends who had a lighter complexion, longer hair, and were skinnier, and wonder why I couldn’t be as pretty. I remember hating my thighs, and taking advantage of any chance I could get to hide them. I didn’t wear shorts for over a year. Whenever my yearly physical came around, that’s all I could think about. I would  starve the whole day, and do anything to drop a couple pounds before stepping on that scale. Every once in a while I would make a spontaneous decision to stop eating in hopes of being skinnier. (Which is very dangerous and unhealthy). If I had a test or assignment to hand in, I would wait for a crowd of people to go up with, so the class wouldn’t stare at me. I feared judgement. At the time it all seemed so normal. I didn’t think anyone else would understand or relate. I began to love my self once beautiful people complimented my flaws and made me open my eyes to what was there all along. Loving myself was and still is a journey. 

Q: How do I learn to love myself?

1.Accept your Flaws. 

There are over 7 billion people in this world, and fun fact not one of those people are perfect. No matter how beautiful/handsome, wealthy, or happy they may seem. Everyone can find something they don’t like about themselves. There is merely no such thing as perfection. It is not existent. How can I prove it? Well, if I find brown eyes to be ‘perfect’ and someone else finds blue eyes to be ‘perfect’, then not only are they not ‘perfect’. They also can’t please everyone. You have to embrace your flaws. So what if you have a slightly crooked nose, stretch marks, or if your left boob is smaller than your right? You are only human. It takes time to love yourself. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

2. Comparison is the Enemy.

This had to be my biggest downfall when I was younger. You look over and see that the blonde haired, blue-eyed girl is absolutely gorgeous and can ‘get any guy if she wanted’. But little do you know that she sits by the toilet for hours on end crying, praying for help, and  forcing herself to bring up every bit of the dinner she just ate. Deception can be dangerous. NEVER compare yourself. You are not them. They are not you. 

3. Focus on Inner Beauty.

Most of the time flaws and insecurities are written on our bodies. But rarely do we weigh inner beauty to that degree. Maybe because it’s not visible. Your  Outer inner beauty is what matters most. Anyone who wants to be around you and appreciates you, does so because you’re a good person. Change the track of your mind to hone in on this aspect of yourself. Inner beauty permeates.  Looks can only go so far. They really aren’t everything.

4. Celebrate Yourself.

This is not an invitation for a pity party! Celebrate because you are only human, and if you ask me you’re doing a pretty good job at it. Think of other aspects of your life and how hard you work. You deserve it. Eat a donut or (nine…), put on your velvet slip dress, list out all of your achievements, showcase your natural beauty, and just bask in the glory of how unique you are. 

5. Speak up.

Spread the message to others. Let other people know that they should love themselves as well. And that they are admired. Tell them they are cared for. That they are absolutely beautiful.  If you happen to have a social media platform with or without a large following, educate! You never know who is in need of help, but is afraid to ask. 

xo, The girl behind leopard frames


#1. The Babes Club: Princess Charming: How to be your own night and shining armor. 👸🏿👸🏻👸🏽

Ever since we were little girls we were always taught about an ideal man who would whisk away all of our fears and worries. Only to soon become our heros. The one who could solve all of our problems and could offer us the world …(and who always managed to be incredibly handsome). We were read the fairy tales before bed, and could only dream of one day being the princess in despair. But what happens when there is no prince charming, and you are the only person who can truly save yourself? So what does this all mean? In our life, we look to others to be the answer to our problems, or to cushion a potential fall.  Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re too reliant. It just means there’s some building to be done. I’ve seen people hand over their blocks to people expecting them to build them up to where they hope to be. You have the potential to break down stigmas, achieve short & long term goals, and essentially be the one to save others who have not yet found their powers. I urge you to expand your mind and become your own superwomen as you grow. So let’s explore the superwomen checklist! 

✔️1.Acknowledge your Faults and Weakness!
Accept that you are imperfect. We all are imperfect. The problem that arises with faults is not that you have them, it’s if you let them define you. Stop using, “I’m not good enough” as an excuse. How do you expect to succeed if you can’t access the very factors that stops you from doing so? Often times the only thing that holds us back from progressing is ourselves.  

✔️2.Be Confident!
Take charge, and don’t apologize. We are so quick to impulsively say sorry because we don’t want to come across as bitchy. In this day and age, you’re not going to get very far if you don’t demand what you want. So walk around with your head up and conquer what you sought out for with no regrets. Confidence is beauty. It should never be demeaning, nor narcissistic. 

✔️3. Stand up for yourself!
Because no one else will. Slip into your thick skin. You have the power to be your own biggest bully. No one else will stand a chance compared to the damage you can cause yourself mentally. Don’t let negative people demean you. Yes, words are strong. But what you aspire to be is stronger. Fight for your rights through wise words and maturity. Show them your kindest side. FOCUS ON YOURSELF. 

✔️4.Be ‘Miss Independent’!
I know, I know. This is easier said than done. But you have to put your best foot forward. You can still ask for help, you’re not obligated to know everything. You are obligated to be in control. The idea is to be able to go to bed at night knowing that you do not have to rely on anyone or anything. This can range from financial stability to self-made happiness. You will learn more about who you are than you ever thought possible. Knowing you have the capability to tackle any factors in your life by yourself, can be rewarding. But it’s all about maintaining an optimistic mindset. 

✔️5. Be Courageous!
As Queen B says “I’m a survivor, I’m not gon’ give up“. It’s not easy to tackle a fear, because that requires you to venture out of your comfort zone. So, what if you establish new comfort zones? Sometimes fear is comfort because we are so quick to assume that whatever lingers outside of our comfort zone is scary. If everyone lived life being a servant of fear, there would be no progress made. History shows some of the greatest examples of courageous leaders who put aside fear to make a difference. Let fear motivate you. Not deter you. 

xo, The girl behind leopard frames


Why, Hello there!✨

I’ve been absent from my blog for approximately four months now. (Though it feels like forever).💔 During that time I did some organizing and creative planning. I wasn’t fully satisfied with the content I was posting. I feel as if I should inject more of my character and personality into every post. I want to keep my blog completely transparent and genuine with you guys! So, what did I come up with, you ask?  I have decided to take my blog in a new direction. I want my blog to be that magazine you read at night, eating donuts in a t-shirt with a martini (if you’re of age of course), a haven, and a world of inspiration. Though my blog will still be predominantly fashion based, I will be adding more versatile content. Anyone who knows me knows I’m such a thinker. So, I would love to express my quirky thoughts and ideas with you! I hope to add more spontaneous thought pieces, decor and design, diys, and a sprinkle of feminism. I hope you’re as excited as I am!
xo, The girl behind leopard frames.

Source: Pintrest (Who doesn’t love Fran Fine?!)


Damsel in Denim

If there is one staple in everyone’s closet, it is bound to be something denim. I attributed this look to a fall day. Not to worry, a denim-on-denim look can be worn year round. I paired a chambray button up with a trusty pair of medium wash jeans, a black fedora, and my favorite pair of vintage-like earrings. Lastly, I ornamented the chambray shirt with quirky pins to give it some character.  







Photographer: Nichimyo Rich.

Fenty Fridays🍾

February 12, 2016:

Rihanna can wear a trash bag and still find a way to steal the show. I fell for this look the moment I saw the sunglasses and Star Wars skirt. Once again, a walking masterpiece. Brava!

Source: http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/07/rihanna-wine-glasses-to-go-restaurants/slideshow/2012/07/24/rihanna/12-rihanna-star-wars-skirt/

The Style Files #2: ‘Rx’🍱

dscn0799 dscn0806-1

What does one wear on an early fall afternoon? Hmm…I got it! Nothing like wearing a button down shirt as outerwear to keep you warm and toasty. Pair it with a chic texted tee, and a ripped knee blowout jean. Top it off with a denim cap to give it a sporty vibe. This outfit template is a go to. 

Q: So how do you get the look?

A: I decided to go with a fall themed color palette. Feel free to explore your own or leave it simply undefined. First, hunt for a trusty, comfy, button down shirt. You can opt for a solid color, or for a different fabrication. Feel free to add a raw state to it. You can use a button down shirt from a relatives’ closet, or from a thrift store. Next, pair it with an over-sized tee. (As shown in the picture, you can knot the front of it). Then, you may choose to d.i.y. or purchase a distressed jean. I opted for larger scale cut-outs. You can change the wash or silhouette. Lastly, add head-wear!

Might I suggest?

  • Button down shirt + slouchy v-neck + distressed jean
  • Kimono + graphic/text tee + skinny jeans
  • Backwards cap + chambray button down+ hoodie + ripped at the knee jean 




Top 10 Fashion Instagram Accounts to follow!

1. @ltrainvintage = L Train Vintage is a vintage clothing and thrift store, with up to 7 stores in New York City. I find the most one of a kind vintage& name brand pieces on their Instagram. Super fun and comical.

2. @genvegaa = I found this account by accidentally clicking a random page. Boy am I glad I did! I love her unique sense of style. I get awkward, yet outgoing vibes from her insta. Not to mention, the photography is spot on.

3. @manrepeller = 10 points for the clever name! Who doesn’t love Leandra Medine? A true genius in her own light. She definitely encases a rare style. A true burst of vibrancy. Easy to fall in love with. 

4. @theblondesalad =Yes, you guessed it! Italian fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni! This account is very fashion forward, trend oriented, and versatile. It is an art based account that not only deals with fashion, but decor, food, celebs, and more. Basically any one’s guide to live vicariously through a fashion blogger’s world. 

5. @miserygirl = Trust me, this blog is anything but depressing. Three words: colorful, iridescent, and FLOWERS. A dainty little account. But do not doubt it. It is fun-spirited. A rock among diamonds.

6. @nylonmag = Okay, okay. Call me bias, because NYLON is hands down my favorite magazine. But their Instagram account is fabulous! It is basically a Pintrest aesthetic board. A world that combines makeup , fashion, and photography. If you don’t mind a slice of quirk, then eat right up, because this account is perfect for you! 

7. @lazyoafs = Lazy Oaf is a London based store. But beware this account is the epitome of happiness. Everything from its peculiar graphics/texts to its printed pieces are addicting. Chill and colorful wins this race.

8. @nastygal = This online based store , which now opened a site on Melrose Avenue in California, is most notorious for its vintage pieces. Founder, Sophia Amoruso, captured a hybrid of raw and luxurious pieces. This chic account has attitude, confidence, and might I add, it is pretty bad a$$.

9. @unif = Do you miss, or have you missed out on the 70s, 80s, or 90s? Well, redemption is calling. Unif is the it brand. Grunge-esque, vintage, and an array of color. Unisex and graphically pleasing. This account will bring you to tears as you lust over wanting it all!

10. @an_erin = You may know this account owner as a Project Runway season 15 competitor. This account is the construct of a fashion magazine waiting to happen. Within browsing for five minutes, you’ll feel like you know her. Believe it or not, her account isn’t some selling spot. It is very much so indicative of her. Artsy, wild, and cool.  

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?