The Style Files #2: ‘Rx’🍱

dscn0799 dscn0806-1

What does one wear on an early fall afternoon? Hmm…I got it! Nothing like wearing a button down shirt as outerwear to keep you warm and toasty. Pair it with a chic texted tee, and a ripped knee blowout jean. Top it off with a denim cap to give it a sporty vibe. This outfit template is a go to. 

Q: So how do you get the look?

A: I decided to go with a fall themed color palette. Feel free to explore your own or leave it simply undefined. First, hunt for a trusty, comfy, button down shirt. You can opt for a solid color, or for a different fabrication. Feel free to add a raw state to it. You can use a button down shirt from a relatives’ closet, or from a thrift store. Next, pair it with an over-sized tee. (As shown in the picture, you can knot the front of it). Then, you may choose to d.i.y. or purchase a distressed jean. I opted for larger scale cut-outs. You can change the wash or silhouette. Lastly, add head-wear!

Might I suggest?

  • Button down shirt + slouchy v-neck + distressed jean
  • Kimono + graphic/text tee + skinny jeans
  • Backwards cap + chambray button down+ hoodie + ripped at the knee jean 





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