Top 10 Fashion Instagram Accounts to follow!

1. @ltrainvintage = L Train Vintage is a vintage clothing and thrift store, with up to 7 stores in New York City. I find the most one of a kind vintage& name brand pieces on their Instagram. Super fun and comical.

2. @genvegaa = I found this account by accidentally clicking a random page. Boy am I glad I did! I love her unique sense of style. I get awkward, yet outgoing vibes from her insta. Not to mention, the photography is spot on.

3. @manrepeller = 10 points for the clever name! Who doesn’t love Leandra Medine? A true genius in her own light. She definitely encases a rare style. A true burst of vibrancy. Easy to fall in love with. 

4. @theblondesalad =Yes, you guessed it! Italian fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni! This account is very fashion forward, trend oriented, and versatile. It is an art based account that not only deals with fashion, but decor, food, celebs, and more. Basically any one’s guide to live vicariously through a fashion blogger’s world. 

5. @miserygirl = Trust me, this blog is anything but depressing. Three words: colorful, iridescent, and FLOWERS. A dainty little account. But do not doubt it. It is fun-spirited. A rock among diamonds.

6. @nylonmag = Okay, okay. Call me bias, because NYLON is hands down my favorite magazine. But their Instagram account is fabulous! It is basically a Pintrest aesthetic board. A world that combines makeup , fashion, and photography. If you don’t mind a slice of quirk, then eat right up, because this account is perfect for you! 

7. @lazyoafs = Lazy Oaf is a London based store. But beware this account is the epitome of happiness. Everything from its peculiar graphics/texts to its printed pieces are addicting. Chill and colorful wins this race.

8. @nastygal = This online based store , which now opened a site on Melrose Avenue in California, is most notorious for its vintage pieces. Founder, Sophia Amoruso, captured a hybrid of raw and luxurious pieces. This chic account has attitude, confidence, and might I add, it is pretty bad a$$.

9. @unif = Do you miss, or have you missed out on the 70s, 80s, or 90s? Well, redemption is calling. Unif is the it brand. Grunge-esque, vintage, and an array of color. Unisex and graphically pleasing. This account will bring you to tears as you lust over wanting it all!

10. @an_erin = You may know this account owner as a Project Runway season 15 competitor. This account is the construct of a fashion magazine waiting to happen. Within browsing for five minutes, you’ll feel like you know her. Believe it or not, her account isn’t some selling spot. It is very much so indicative of her. Artsy, wild, and cool.  

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? 


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